gledamo se i gubimo, nestajemo

Graham Wolfe
Anonymous: Sad je pitanje da l' sam te potcijenio ili sam pogodio 3:)

Hahahahah a pa sad… I don’t kiss and tell sta se kaze. Tako da ce tajna ostat.

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Anonymous: Haha slobodna procjena - minimalno pet, ali vjerovatno 10+



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Out And About In New York (Aug. 19)

Wisteria sinensis in full bloom over long stone path by © Harpur Garden Library/Corbis by bm.iphone


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi! (at Sheikh Zayed Mosque)

Anonymous: sa koliko si njih spavala?

Hahahhaha spavala… spavali nismo sigurno. 

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Narrabundah House by Adam Dettrick Architects | ENV
I looked at everyone and wondered where they came from, and who they missed, and what they were sorry for.

-Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close 

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